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The Integrated Waste Management and Clean Energy Production Plant of Ekolojik Enerji Inc. consists of waste reception, RDF preparation, chemical/biological sludge drying, solid waste drying, evaporation, gasification, gas clean up mechanisms, energy recovery, energy production units and laboratories.


Ekolojik Enerji Inc. adds up value to the "environmentally sound" brand names of its more then 700 environmentally caucious clients as a solution provider. Our solutions are mainly offered in the field of energy recovery from biomass and hazardous/non hazardous industrial waste. Between May 2007-August 2009 a total of 22.000tons of waste was received on site for energy recovery purposes..


The integrated plant takes its origins from a successfully completed R&D project in Turkey, which was approved by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. The project led the company to a cooperation with Istanbul Greater Metropolitan Municipality for recovering energy from the municipal solid waste, which lasted approximately 7 months with a capacity of 50 tons/day.. Once the developmental stage was over Ekolojik Enerji Inc. has been approved with the Renewable Energy Production License. This was then followed by the Operational License; granted by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry with a supporting approval of Ministry of Finance. In addition to these the Category A Emissions License and HSE-Q Standards Certificate are also gained by the company.


Ekolojik Enerji Inc. is a leading technology provider in Turkey, in the field of "Energy Recovery from Waste via Gasification Process". The technology helps the efficient resource management as well as adding value to environmental, social and economical dimensions of sustainable development. The technology positively effects the quality of life by balancing its input/output parameters.


Ekolojik Enerji Inc. is based on 73,400sqm. in Istanbul, Turkey.

The 16.000sqm in door area consists of the integrated energy recovery plant, administrative offices, R&D center, conference hall, cafeteria, kitchen, employee housings, guestrooms, workshops, temporary storage area, medical rooms, water storage tanks, treatment plants, laboratories and fire control units.





Ekolojik Enerji