Ekolojik Enerji

Ceo's Message


The integrated plant along with its independent projects which can be commercialized individually were created in line with public needs. The Waste-to-Energy service we provide responds to an important amount of waste disposal of the country.


Similar facilities are needed for different types of waste. Our company fills in an important gap thru its environmental priority initiatives.


As a result of R&D projects initiated at Ekolojik Enerji Inc. in year 2001, the employment at the company has increased and we created a team of experts in waste management. Parallel to the fact the Waste-to-Energy sector has gained the best available technology; the gasification process. Ekolojik Enerji serves for energy recovery from the waste in Turkey with less resource loss and principle of using the most developed technology by improving it.


Systems are consistent with the contribution of all stakeholders, when the sustainable management of issues based on mass production and consumption is adopted as a culture. In parallel with technology solutions, Ekolojik Enerji has also added implementation and dissemination of operation systems in its activity scope. Our company aspires to shape employee training with education and academy projects and creating new work areas with high technology.


We have undertaken a significant vision as being the first private investor who is shrinking the volume of non-reusable waste by using its energy value.


Ömer Salman


Ekolojik Enerji